Financial Relief

In addition to the intense emotional strain, having a child with neuroblastoma  presents a financial strain to many families as most often requires that one income must be sacrificed to care for the ill child.  Aisy’s Angels, Inc. is dedicated to helping families faced with the hardship of having a child with neuroblastoma when the family’s financial resources have been drained.  Usually, a determined gift amount will be allocated to a certain bill like electric, rent, mortgage, utilities, cell phone, car payment, insurance, etc.  In some circumstances items are purchased that the child needs such as medicines, a stroller, or something else that is needed specifically for the care of the child.

Please click below to download the Hardship Assistance Application.

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Gifts are decided on a case-by-case basis and depend on the extent of financial hardship, the nature of the illness, and amount of funds available to give at the time of application.   As much as we would love to be able to help every family that applies for assistance, submission of a Hardship Assistance Application does not guarantee that an award will be given.  Preference will be given to the most difficult situations.  Thank you for your understanding!